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Buffalo Restoration Blog

October: Fire Prevention Month
October 3rd, 2017: October is Fire Prevention Month and Buffalo Restoration wants to help you to prevent the tragedy of a home or building fire.

Fall 2017: Preventative Tips
September 21st, 2017: Here at Buffalo Restoration, we know that home maintenance is important to protect your investment in your home. Taking time to do the following items can help protect your invest and help prevent losses in your home.

Chimney Fires in Bozeman, Montana
January 24th, 2017: While fireplaces add a decorator dimension to most homes, they have a function that is very important. The chimney and flue are intended to carry gases from your fireplace, wood stove or furnace safely out of your home.

Frozen Pipes in Bozeman, Montana
December 19th, 2016: Below freezing temperatures can cause havoc with pipes. Take some easy steps to help prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting.

Cleaning Your Homes Gutters in Bozeman, Montana
November 9th, 2016: Montana is having extremely mild weather this year. Take advantage of this and clean out your gutters from excess debris.

Wildfire Smoke Damage in Bozeman, Montana
September 1st, 2016: Smoke from wildfires is a result of the mixture from gases and fine particles produced from burning plants. Smoke can hurt eyes, irritate your respiratory system, and worsen heart and lung diseases.

Fire Season in Bozeman, Montana
July 7th, 2016: Make sure to take extra steps to put your fires out wherever you are this summer.

Buffalo Restoration Celebrates 25 Years
April 1st, 2016: Buffalo Restoration is proud to be celebrating 25 years in SW Montana. Keep an eye out for our vehicles with our 25th emblem.

Spring Time Gutter Tips in Bozeman, MT
March 11th, 2016: Springtime is a wonderful time to do home preventative maintenance. It is a good time to protect your home from water and moisture since snow is melting and we are seeing more rain.

Spring Time Flooding Problems in Bozeman, MT
February 18th, 2016: This is the time of year to check your basement or crawlspace for moisture or flooding. It's difficult to stop water resulting from melting snow. Be aware that water can seep into your basement through the foundation.

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