Forensic Restoration & Biohazard Services in Southwest Montana

Forensic Restoration & Biohazard Services in Bozeman, MT

No one wants to encounter a traumatic incident, but sadly, they're not entirely unavoidable. There's still a possibility that a gruesome accident or crime can take place in your property, leaving you physically, emotionally, or psychologically scarred. In this kind of scenario, you call the local authorities to investigate the crime scene. However, in order for you to heal, your home or establishment needs to be professionally restored and cleaned as well.

If your building becomes a scene of a murder, suicide, or other similar tragedy, contact Buffalo Restoration as soon as possible. We have the proper equipment and the experience to remove the remnants of any traumatic event efficiently and fast. It's crucial that you let us perform this specialty cleaning service since you can't clean this type of mess using normal cleaning techniques alone. Harmful substances are still present in the area even when the authorities have recovered what they needed.

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Professional Cleaning and Restoration for Any Scenario

Contaminants, bloodborne pathogens, and bodily fluids are difficult to spot and remove. They're also known to spread rapidly if they aren't eliminated properly. Properties riddled with such content aren't ideal living environments because you have a higher risk developing illnesses and diseases. That's why we offer the following biohazard services to get rid of all hazardous substances from the aftermath:

  • Accident cleanup
  • Animal waste cleanup
  • Chemical Spills
  • Chemical scene cleanup
  • Hoarding scenes
  • Trauma cleanup
  • And more…

We're also trained in removing any trace of evidence-gathering chemicals, as well fingerprint and fire extinguisher residues. Additionally, we can restore your property back to its pre-damaged condition, so you're able to recover more comfortably.

Since you've already gone through a horrible experience, let us handle this one instead. Our technicians will be working carefully, so as not to trigger any flashbacks or episodes. We're here for you 24/7, so contact us at 406-586-8109 today. Our services are available to properties in Southwest Montana.

Forensic Restoration & Biohazard Services

Our cigarette smoke deodorization service isn't only tailored to homes. It's also helpful to open house properties, as well as apartments or commercial buildings that need the service regularly. If you want us to get rid of the scent of tobacco in your property, just contact us at 406-586-8109. Our friendly staff is standing by 24/7.