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Mold and its Causes in Bozeman, MT

Wednesday May 14, 2014 9:00 AM

If mold is a problem in your home or business you will need to clean up the mold and get rid of any excess water or moisture.

When moisture accumulates, mold will often grow. However, mold growth can be controlled indoors by controlling moisture indoors.

Molds produce tiny spores which reproduce, similar to plant seeds. These spores can be found settling on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Since mold will eventually destroy what it grows on, damage can be prevented by eliminating mold growth.

Moisture control is critical for mold control. Molds need both food and water to survive, since molds can digest most things, water is what will limit mold growth. Common sites for indoor mold include bathrooms, basement walls, areas around windows and near leaky faucets and sinks. Call a professional if you think you might have mold.