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Damage Restoration and Cleaning Services in the Southwest Montana Area

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Buffalo Restoration Disaster Mitigation and Cleaning

As a local and family-owned and operated business, the herd at Buffalo understands how hard it is to navigate an unexpected disaster alone. We have over 30 years of experience in the damage restoration and cleaning industry, providing you with the most efficient and safest solutions for reliable disaster restoration, reconstruction, and cleaning techniques to protect your home or business. We have a team of handpicked professionals who follow our proven best practices for compassionately handling the uncertainty of damage to your home. Our commitment is to work with you to find the best solution to help you return your home to a pre-loss condition while meeting your individual needs along the way.

Our services span across several counties to help families and companies in the Greater Yellowstone area. You can rest assured our team of compassionate and thoughtful professionals will not rest, until you are satisfied with the finished product and we make your home or business feel like home again.

Gallatin County

Located in a sweeping valley in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Gallatin County is the most populated and fastest-growing county in scenic southwest Montana. The County Seat of Bozeman at large encompasses over 50,000 people, yet has a small-town feel. Located in a breathtaking Rocky Mountain setting, it is close to world-class downhill skiing, blue-ribbon trout streams, Yellowstone National Park, and a multitude of other outdoor activities in the pristine nearby wilderness areas.

Gallatin County covers over 2,500 square miles of mountain lands varying in topography and climate, from temperate river valleys to snow-capped peaks and open ranch lands. Nearly half of all the land in Gallatin County is under public ownership by the Gallatin National Forest, the State of Montana, the Bureau of Land Management, or the National Park Service.

Gallatin County is large and diverse, featuring everything from the spectacular scenery of Yellowstone National Park (our first National Park) to lush farmland and a growing economy of high-tech industries. Skiers, outdoor enthusiasts, wildlife watchers, mothers and fathers, business owners, vacationers, ranchers, retirees, students, and many others have grown to love Gallatin County's boundless opportunities.

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Park County

Located in south-central Montana, Park County is surrounded by four majestic mountain ranges: the Absarokas, Bridger, Gallatin, and the Crazy Mountains. In Park County alone, there are 114 identified/named mountain peaks, and the beautiful and colorful Paradise and Shields valleys lie in the center. Park County covers 1,681,280 acres ranging in elevation from 4,000 feet at the lowest point to its highest point, 12,807 feet, which is also the highest point in the State of Montana, Granite Peak. There is an approximate population of 16,189 residents in Park County.

Partially bordered by Yellowstone National Park to the south, Park County's natural resources provide a wide variety of sights and outdoor activities for scores of visitors each year. The famous Yellowstone River originates in Yellowstone National Park and runs clear, clean, and undisturbed through Park County from Gardiner to Springdale, drawing fishermen, floaters, and wildlife enthusiasts alike. Another major county river, the Shields River, is also abundant with fish, wildlife, and vegetation. Not to mention, 164 identified lakes and reservoirs located in beautiful Park County, Montana providing plenty of recreational opportunities.

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Sweet Grass County

The county of Sweet Grass (two words) is located in south-central Montana. Don't confuse the town of Sweetgrass with the county of Sweet Grass. The town of Sweetgrass (one word) is located on the Canadian border in Toole County in north central Montana. Sweet Grass County became a county in 1895. It was formed out of parts of Park, Meager, and Yellowstone Counties. From 1910-1920 parts of Sweet Grass County were taken to form Stillwater, Wheatland, and Golden Valley Counties. It has been its present size since 1920.

Big Timber and the Sweet Grass County area enjoy the diversity of each season with a variety of weather phenomena. The average annual precipitation is approximately 15 inches and comes in any form, from winter (and summer) snowstorms to spring cloudbursts, and summer and fall rain showers.

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Meagher County

Meagher County is defined less by boundaries on a map than by the sense of shared values our residents hold dear. Residents take pride in maintaining a wholesome lifestyle, rich in cultural history, along with a deep commitment to the preservation of our environment and a progressive approach to local business.

Meagher County offers a wide range of events, from outdoor concerts, seasonal festivals, and sports competitions, to spending time in our local parks and relaxing with your family for an afternoon of outdoor fun. There are lots of activities to choose from.

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Madison County

Madison County contains 2.3 million acres or 3,603 square miles with 46% being federally owned and 48% being privately owned. There is an approximate population of 7,915 residents in Madison County. The County Seat is Virginia City, which was the Montana Territorial Capital from 1865 to 1875. The courthouse, constructed in 1875 is still used for County offices. As one of the State's early successful mining towns, Virginia City is also a National Historic Landmark and is now a visitor stop for thousands of travelers each year. Virginia City was home to over 10,000 residents in the mining boom of the 1860s and 70s. Virginia City and its neighboring town Nevada City are recognized as one of the busiest tourist attractions in Montana and are major seasonal employers. The State of Montana now owns and manages much of the historical district of Virginia City. Virginia City is a major seasonal employer in Madison County.

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Beaverhead County

With an average elevation of over a mile, Beaverhead County sits in the southwestern corner of Montana. Much of its boundary is formed by the Continental Divide. Encompassing an area slightly larger than the state of Connecticut, Beaverhead is the largest county in Montana. However, Beaverhead County is sparsely populated. It ranks 25th of Montana's 56 counties, having an average population density of less than 1.7 people per square mile. This sparseness in population can be attributed to nearly 2/3 of the land being comprised of public lands including the Beaverhead Deer-Lodge National Forest, Red Rocks Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, Bureau of Land Management, and State Lands.

Beaverhead County contains alpine mountain ranges, pristine lakes, and wide open valleys traversed by the headwaters of the Missouri River, including the Big Hole, Beaverhead, and Red Rock Rivers. Boasting these blue-ribbon fisheries as well as the large percentage of land accessible to the public, Beaverhead County is a popular destination for recreationists.

Beaverhead was one of the nine original counties formed in 1865 before Montana became a state in 1889. Its name is derived from a rock formation that the Shoshone tribes described as being shaped like a "beaver's head." Beaverhead Rock is noted as an important landmark in the Journals of Lewis and Clark and assisted Sacajawea as she guided the expedition through Southwest Montana.

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