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Customer Testimonials

Great and friendly customer service. Martel Plaza had a faulty fire sprinkler go off and water was everywhere on the third floor. We made one phone call and they right over. We have also used them for carpet cleaning. If you want excellent service and work give them a call!

Buffalo Restoration is the only option in times of emergency. Being a local plumber I see plenty of emergencies regarding water leaks and sewer backups. Buffalo is always quick to respond, very thorough, and always professional!

Buffalo Restoration has saved us twice. The first was fairly minor, and we didn't need a ton of help, so Buffalo handled just what we needed. The second was major, and they took care of everything start-to-finish including dealing with the insurance company and coordinating access to the condo with our renters.

A burst pipe in the wall had been gushing for hours by the time staff arrived at the office. Buffalo Restoration was there in a flash! It took six days to get everything dried out and repair all the damage, but they were ON IT, and they didn't quit until all the damage was repaired.

Once again Buffalo Restoration saves the day!! This is the fourth time they have come to our rescue and this time on New Year's Day! Outstanding customer service & professionalism. Thank you, yet again!

The house that had the problem is a rental house and the tenant's refrigerator had a leak that caused the problem. The damaged area was repaired within days of the service order by one of your expert technicians. I would definitely recommend BUFFALO RESTORATION for their high-quality service.