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Disinfecting Services

Buffalo Restoration provides certified disinfecting and sanitization services throughout the Southwest Montana.

Disinfecting Services in Bozeman, MT Buffalo Restoration has been vastly trained in disinfecting and sanitizing for almost 30 years. When property owners decide they need deep cleaning and sanitization, they call the certified technicians at Buffalo Restoration.

We use EPA-registered products to help eliminate the transmission of infectious diseases like coronavirus. Contact us today to discuss your commercial cleaning needs to stop the spread. We'll explain our cleaning and disinfecting process so you'll be assured of a thoroughly, deeply cleaned environment for your building's occupants.

Every water damage, sewer loss, rodent infestation, fire and smoke damage, or mold remediation job requires professional evaluation and some form of gross contaminate cleaning and sometimes disinfecting of the affected area. Ensuring the safety of our team and customers is a top priority. This includes the correct use of isolation and personal protective equipment (PPE) and full-face fitted respirator masks that are worn at all times by our certified technicians.

Disinfecting Services in Bozeman, MT

Sanitizers Vs Disinfectants

Do you know what is the difference between sanitizers and disinfectants? Buffalo Restoration follows the IICRC Standards on defining the two terms.

Sanitizers are products used to reduce, but not necessarily eliminate, microorganisms from the inanimate environment to levels considered safe as determined by public health codes or regulations.

Disinfectants are a product that kills or inactivates at least 99.9% of disease-producing microorganisms on inanimate objects. It is used to destroy or irreversibly inactivate infectious fungi and bacteria but not necessarily their spores.


The Products

Buffalo Restoration uses multiple disinfectants and sanitizers. Here are a few products that we use.

One product we use to disinfect is chlorine dioxide which is a neutral chlorine compound with the formula ClO2. It physically changes the chemical makeup of germs, bacteria, viruses, and odor-causing compounds and then breaks down leaving no harmful residue. Our team uses both the gas and liquid form of ClO2. This product is EPA-registered.

Another disinfectant used at Buffalo Restoration can be used for sewer cleanup, mold remediation, disinfection, porous surface sanitization, deodorizing, or infectious organisms. It is EPA-registered with over 130 organism kill claims.

A sanitizer product we use has low toxicity and high efficacy against pathogenic bacteria. This is safe to use in the food processing, water treatment, seafood, and animal health industries. It is specifically used for HVAC systems and ductwork and leaves no harmful residue behind. It is EPA-registered and approved by the FDA and USDA.


The Disinfecting Process

While using the appropriate product for each job is important, it is having the mindset of envisioning the bigger picture. Deciding which disinfecting product and process includes the customer and their specific needs. If disinfection is done only 90% correctly, it is still 100% wrong.

The disinfectants and sanitizers can be in liquid or gas form. The liquid is sprayed directly onto a surface and as a gas, it is able to contact organisms wherever they are located and penetrate into tight, hidden, or difficult-to-reach areas, including microscopic cracks and crevices.

When you utilize our disinfection service, we will work with you to specifically tailor the service to your needs. Whether it is a residential or commercial facility, we can assist you. We would like to understand your areas of concern and build a plan and solution to meet your needs.

If you are interested in learning more about our disinfection service, please call (406) 306-0501.