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Weather and Storm Damage Restoration

Buffalo Restoration will get your Bozeman, MT home or business back to normal after a storm.

We might live in the most beautiful part of the country, but Mother Nature sure puts us through our paces. From blizzards and high winds to the inevitable flooding when all that snow finally melts, our Montana homes are at risk of extensive damage due to the weather. When your property is affected by our frequently intense climate, count on your neighbors at Buffalo Restoration. We've lived here all our lives, and we know how to handle whatever Nature decides to throw at us.

Bozeman, MT Emergency Storm Damage Services

Storm and Weather Damage Restoration in Bozeman, MT

We're from Montana. Our lives don't come to a standstill with a few inches of snow or a heavy downpour. But sometimes you need help from neighbors who know how to get back up and running as fast as possible when the weather tries to slow you down with storm or weather damage to your home or business.

Buffalo Restoration Offers 24/7 Storm and Weather Damage Restoration. Call us right away once you notice damage to your Bozeman, MT area property!

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Buffalo Restoration can manage your storm damage from beginning to end, including repairs. We will work with your insurance company and adjuster to agree on a scope of work and price. Call us today with confidence, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

Heavy Rains, Snow Cause Water Damage – Let Us Help

The ground can only soak up so much water so quickly. With nowhere else to go, your basement may flood. Heavy snow on your roof can cause ice dams, and then you notice water damage on the exterior walls of your home. The IICRC-certified technicians at Buffalo Restoration are always standing by to respond to any water damage you face. We'll be onsite shortly to help you figure out what to do next and come up with a plan to get your property back to pre-loss conditions efficiently and quickly – before further damage occurs.

How do I prevent ice dams?

Why Choose Buffalo Restoration?

  • All calls, including after-hour emergencies, go to one of our local staff members, not a call center or voicemail.
  • We've invested in the best equipment. Our state of the art technology allows us to save more of your home. That means you'll save money and time.
  • We invest thousands of dollars in certifications for our technicians. You can have the peace of mind that your home or business is returned to pre-loss condition with our experienced staff.
  • We have 30 years of experience working cooperatively with insurance companies. That experience and our relationships help guide you through the claims process.

For all your weather damage restoration needs, call Buffalo Restoration at (406) 306-0501.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While it is very true that you can't just drape a tarp over a gap in the roof, tack down some nails and call it good enough, some form of a fastener is required to secure the tarp while causing the least damage to the "healthy" areas of the roof. We wrap the edges of the tarp around boards to pull it taught and then carefully screw the board itself into the roof deck or the underside of the eaves.

Generally, we'll wait for a break in the rain before climbing onto a roof when the rain is still sheeting due to the safety risk. One of the best benefits of choosing Buffalo Restoration is that we live right here in Southwest Montana, so we'll be watching the weather along with you. Just give us a call, and together we'll determine the best time to tarp your roof.

Probably not. Most attics lack the ventilation or air movement to draw moisture out. If your roof is leaking, there is probably some water damage as well. Not to worry; our team includes IICRC-certified water damage restoration technicians who will use moisture meters to determine the scope of the roof leak and place air movers and dehumidifiers. Because we're licensed general contractors, too, we can handle any of the repairs inside the house and the ones on your roof!

They often go hand-in-hand, depending on the extent of the damage. If your roof deck was compromised by the impact of a heavy branch or tree, we'll install a plywood board over the gap before securing a tarp across the roof. Board up is required whenever there is damage that reduces the structural integrity of your house until permanent repairs can be made. Roof tarping, on its own, is only meant to keep out rain or other weather from causing more damage. We'll know the best course of action when we get to your place for the free inspection.

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