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Total Fire Loss Resources

The Herd at Buffalo Restoration is truly sorry for your loss. We want to provide some information to consider during this difficult time. Increasing your knowledge base is going to be crucial and it helps dispel fears.

Our sole intention in providing this information is to help our community members in this time of crisis in any way possible. We are here for you and your family as trusted advisors and resources. This is not a solicitation to promote our services.

Information to Consider

Claims Management

  • Agent Communication
    • Ensure to ask questions regarding what your policy will cover.
  • Adjuster Communication
    • Be firm but polite when asking questions. Build a relationship of teamwork and understanding.
    • Ensure to have excellent documentation, as it is essential. Documentation would be gathering photos, receipts, and professional opinions.
  • Contractors
    • When speaking to any contractor, have a vision of your end goal in mind. This will help your funds stretch further.
    • Ensure to have contracts and agreements in place prior to starting any kind of work on the home.
  • Additional Living Expenses
    • Think of the long haul in this situation. The process of rebuilding your home could take up to 12 months or longer to complete.

Debris Removal

  • Roll-off Service (containers used to handle construction and demolition waste)
  • Excavation Contractors – Debris handling and removal
  • Personal Protective Equipment
    • At a minimum, wear an N95 mask and gloves while sifting through the debris. Wear a disposable cotton jumpsuit and wash regularly. Consider thick-soled boots to prevent punctures to your feet.
      • The toxins in the soot can cause harm if it comes in contact directly with your skin, or if you breathe the soot into your lungs.
  • Keep an eye out for areas of the home or structure that are unstable and could collapse.

Foundations and Concrete Slabs

  • The foundation will need to be inspected and deodorized.
    • If this is not done prior to the start of rebuilding your home, the odors can permeate back into your newly built home.
  • It is important to have an engineer inspect for stability or damages.

Septic Tanks

  • Heavy equipment can damage a septic tank if driven over due to the weight.
  • Septic tanks can freeze and have additional issues during winter months. Notify your insurance adjuster of your septic tank.

Lawns and Landscaping

  • Work with a qualified landscaping contractor to determine the extent of the damages.

Electrical Services

  • Be cautious of electrical hazards. Contact Northwestern Energy for service disconnect.
    • "Call Before You Dig" – Dial 811

Personal Property Recovery

  • At Buffalo Restoration, we have seen miraculous things happen to personal property items that are involved in a fire. Sometimes they are protected by physics and can be salvaged.
  • Prior to starting to sift through the debris, have a vision of your end goal in mind. As you do not want to possibly damage items by rushing in. Spend time thinking about the locations of items and prioritize the high importance and value items until you have determined it is the best and final route. Plan and be tactful.
  • Remember to not lose hope! Get the facts and investigate!

Please do not hesitate to contact our office at (406) 306-0501, and any member of our team is happy to assist you with any questions or concerns that arise.

Why Choose Buffalo Restoration?

  • After hours emergency calls go directly to one of our local staff members, not a call center or voicemail.
  • We've invested in the best equipment. Our state of the art technology allows us to save more of your home and contents. That means you'll save money and time.
  • We invest thousands of dollars in certifications for our technicians. You can have the peace of mind that your home or business is returned to pre-loss condition with our experienced staff.
  • We have 30 years of experience working cooperatively with insurance companies. That experience and our relationships help guide you through the claims process.

For all your fire, smoke, and soot damage restoration needs, call Buffalo Restoration at (406) 306-0501.

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