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Frozen Pipe Thawing & Water Removal Services

Providing pipe thawing and water damage cleanup services to Bozeman, MT and the Greater Yellowstone area.

One of the biggest problems your plumbing system can encounter is a blockage. If there's an obstruction in the pipes, water will have a difficult time circulating in the plumbing system for your property. A blockage also creates pressure in the plumbing system, which is dangerous when it builds up. Once the pipes can no longer handle the stress, they can burst and cause a number of other problems.

  • Indoor flooding or plumbing overflow
  • Water contamination
  • Property damage
  • Moisture damage (e.g. mold, wood rotting, foul odors, etc.)
Burst Frozen Pipe Repair in Bozeman, MT

What Do Frozen Pipes Have to Do with Burst Pipes?

A burst pipe can happen at any moment, but it has a higher chance of occurring during winter. When the temperature outside hits a freezing point, the water flowing in the plumbing system ends up freezing as well. The moment a portion of the pipes are frozen, it creates a blockage and pressure builds up. To prevent burst pipes from occurring during winter, make it a habit to winterize or have your frozen pipes repaired beforehand.

Frozen Pipe Repair in Bozeman, MT

Buffalo Restoration is Prepared to Handle the Situation

Thawing frozen pipes can be time-consuming and hazardous, and it's not recommended you address the problem using any unprofessional or DIY methods. Making use of unprofessional procedures can lead to additional damage and worst case scenario, a fire in your home, so it's best you leave your frozen pipe problem to the experts.

If you own property in the areas of Bozeman, MT, and you need your frozen pipes thawed, contact Buffalo Restoration as soon as possible. We have been in the business of restoring properties since 1991, and we have the experience to properly thaw your plumbing system. We only use up-to-date equipment and techniques. Our fully licensed and certified technicians work fast to avoid further water damage and loss. We can also perform mold remediation and removal in case of secondary water damage that can cause mildew to grow.

Contact Buffalo Restoration today at (406) 306-0501 for an estimate. Our pipe thawing and water damage cleanup from burst pipe services are just a few examples of water damage restoration services we offer.

Why Choose Buffalo Restoration?

  • After hours emergency calls go directly to one of our local staff members, not a call center or voicemail.
  • We've invested in the best equipment. Our state of the art technology allows us to save more of your hardwood floor, drywall, and carpet. That means you'll save money and time.
  • We invest thousands of dollars in certifications for our technicians. You can have the peace of mind that your home or business is returned to pre-loss condition with our experienced staff.
  • We have 30 years of experience working cooperatively with insurance companies. That experience and our relationships help guide you through the claims process.

For all your water damage restoration needs, call Buffalo Restoration at (406) 306-0501.

Buffalo Restoration

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

1. Evaluation

We'll use state of the art inspection techniques such as thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters to assess the level of moisture in the drywall, carpet, padding, and sub floor. Then we'll share our findings with you and explain them so that you understand. We'll give recommendations so you can decide what to do next.

2. Drying Process

Next we'll start the drying process which may include hardwood flooring drying systems, desiccant or refrigerant dehumidifiers, wall cavity drying equipment, truck-mounted extraction equipment for in-place drying, and turbo drying fans. After we've set up our drying equipment, we'll monitor the moisture and make adjustments to maximize the drying.

3. Reconstruction

Depending on the extent of the damage, some reconstruction may be required. Our one-stop shop can take your project from start to finish and put everything back together again, cleaner and better than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Leaving sink cabinet doors ajar allows warm air to circulate around the pipes to help keep them from freezing. Wrapping pipes near exterior walls will also help protect them from freezing.

Infrared heat lamps or space heaters can gently thaw frozen pipes if you notice frost accumulation. Be careful not to heat the pipes too aggressively, though, as that may also cause them to burst. Remember never to leave a heat source unattended to avoid fires.

Pipes running along exterior walls, especially below ground level, are prone to freezing and bursting during cold weather.

Temperatures 20 degrees Fahrenheit or less, sustained for 3 days or more, will likely cause frozen pipes. If the weather is also windy, any temperature below 32 degrees Fahrenheit can also create a frozen pipe situation.

Inexpensive styrofoam spigot covers go a long way to prevent the adjacent plumbing from freezing and draining any water from those faucets after shutting off their water supply inside the building. Most homeowners forget this important step, only to have their basements or crawl spaces flood in the spring when they turn their outdoor faucets on for the first time after winter.