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Air Duct & HVAC Cleaning

Keep your HVAC system and ducts clean and increase their efficiency with cleaning services from Buffalo Restoration!

Air Duct Cleaning in Bozeman, MT Buffalo Restoration will make your dirty air ducts nearly as clean as the day they were installed. Keeping your air ducts clean will reduce your heating and cooling expenses, and Buffalo Restoration has the experts to make sure your air ducts are clean and pollutant-free.

Our technicians are trained and have the skills to clean, repair, seal, insulate, and maintain your air ducts and HVAC systems. They will reduce and remove airborne pollutants to improve your indoor air quality so you can breathe easier and stay cool. Guaranteed!

Get Comfy and Save Energy!

The air conditioning and ventilation system in your home can be a collection point for a variety of undesirable contaminants including dust, fungus, and bacteria. Some of these contaminants may be contributing to allergies as the air is circulating through your system. Buffalo Restoration's equipment can thoroughly clean your home's ventilation system by individually cleaning each point from the grill back to the main unit. The system blower fan, coils, and drain pan are also cleaned. A properly maintained air duct system translates into lower energy bills and a more comfortable indoor environment.

In addition to improved air quality with our air duct cleaning services, Buffalo Restoration can properly seal and insulate your ductwork system to improve the energy performance of your HVAC system, allowing less continual running of your air conditioning or heating systems and saving money on your energy bill.

Air Duct and HVAC System Cleaning Benefits

  • Allergen Reduction
  • Reduced Pollutants
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Extended Life of HVAC System
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You will breathe easier and enjoy a cleaner indoor environment after having your ventilation system professionally cleaned by Buffalo Restoration. We also recommend regular replacement of your AC filters in order to maintain a clean system and an optimum level of indoor air quality.

Air Duct and HVAC System Cleaning Services

While you can maintain your air ducts by using high-efficiency air filters and by replacing them regularly, professional air duct maintenance and cleanings are needed to repair cracks that cause air leaks and allow outside air-containing pollutants and allergens to circulate throughout your home or office.

HVAC and Air Duct Cleaning Process

  • Use specialized cleaning equipment
  • Clean air ducts individually in your air duct system
  • Clean the air duct system from the grill to the main component
  • Clean the blower fan, coils, and drain pan to clean the entire system
  • Apply Anti-Allergen Treatment™ Hypo-Allergenic solution
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Our air duct cleaning specialists use a camera to inspect your system to pinpoint any problems then offer a service solution and estimate before beginning the air duct cleaning process. We then use specialized blowers, vacuums, and brushes to dislodge dirt, debris, and mold from your air ducts, vents, and HVAC system. This process results in the removal of allergens from your air ducts and provides improved indoor air quality for your home and office.

You'll breathe easier when you call Buffalo Restoration at (406) 306-0501 for your air duct cleaning needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

An efficient HVAC system keeps your home comfortable and saves you money. The first and most important way to increase the efficiency of your system is to regularly clean and replace your filters. You'll also want to schedule routine maintenance and tune-ups for your entire system, including ductwork. Programmable thermostats greatly decrease the load on your system, which saves money on bills and wear and tear on your system. Finally, although it's a big upfront investment, considering a system upgrade will pay off in the long run.

Programmable thermostats can range from run-of-the-mill electronic thermostats to sophisticated smart thermostats, but they have accuracy and efficiency in common. Because they're automated once programmed, they offer both convenience and savings. Programmable thermostats allow you to customize your heating and cooling to different times of the day, optimizing your HVAC system and cutting costs by keeping your system as efficient as possible. Programmable thermostats have been shown to have approximately a half degree variance in temperatures which is a stark contrast to the up to five degrees of variance seen in manual thermostats. This is hugely important because each degree can account for 1-2% of savings in your heating and cooling bills. Smart thermostats have the added benefit of running on wifi and being accessible anywhere to adjust your heating and cooling even when you're away from home.

While the exact length of time a filter can last depends on several variables, a good rule of thumb is to never go longer than 60 days between replacing your disposable air filters or cleaning your washable filters. The state of your air filter greatly impacts the efficiency of your system, so replacing/cleaning your filters is an absolutely necessary part of your HVAC maintenance schedule. Some of the factors that determine the length of time your filter will last are:

  • The model of the air filter
  • The indoor air quality
  • Whether the home is occupied daily or not
  • The number of occupants in the home
  • The number of pets in the home
  • Whether or not anyone suffers from allergies
  • The air pollution levels around the home

Many people often balk at paying a professional to inspect their household appliances when they seem to be working perfectly, but professional care upfront can save big in the long run in both money and comfort levels. Maintenance should be scheduled at least once a year. The best time to schedule maintenance is just before the time you'll be needing the system the most – so either going into a cold winter or a hot summer. If you're using the system equally during these seasons, it's optimal to maintain it in spring and fall to ensure that your heating and cooling are running efficiently. A professional technician will be able to assess your system during an inspection, diagnose any issues, and perform any cleaning or repairs that are necessary beyond the routine maintenance you can perform yourself. This will ensure that your system is running at the optimum efficiency and that any problems are caught as early as possible.

In between professional maintenance, you can do your own upkeep to ensure your system is performing at its peak. The most important thing you can do is remember to change your filter regularly – every 30-60 days is ideal. Check the battery in your thermostat and give it a once-over to ensure it's not damaged and working properly. If you have an outdoor unit, make sure it's clear of dirt and debris that can build up and reduce airflow and drainage. You'll also want to make sure the unit is still level. Finally, clean any buildup and debris in and around your indoor unit and ductwork.

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