Flooring Water Damage Cleanup in Bozeman, Montana Area

Flooring Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration in Southwest Montana

Whenever you encounter a water disaster like a flood, your floors are at risk of developing water damage. Depending on the type of flooring that's affected, moisture can destroy or even contaminate the material which gives it its durability and shine. You may use normal floor cleaning techniques to minimize the damage, but that's still not enough to protect your flooring from severe water damage.

Flooring Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration in Southwest Montana

If you want to properly take care of your floors after a sudden flood or leak, contact Buffalo Restoration pronto. We are armed with the necessary cleaning equipment to bring your floors out of their water damaged state.

Buffalo Restoration will Restore Your Floors.

Cleaning your floor without using the right products and techniques could damage your floors even further. Different flooring materials are affected by water damage differently, so you can encounter the following situations:

  • Accelerated wood rotting
  • Moldy and cracked tiles
  • Soggy and foul smelling carpets
  • Bacteria-infested floors

Accelerated Wood Rotting

Moldy and Cracked Tiles

Soggy and Foul Smelling Carpets

Bacteria-Infested Floors

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Water damaged floors are also a detriment to your health and safety. Floors that carry bacteria can make you ill from overexposure, and flooring made from an organic material can break from fiber weakness.

Buffalo Restoration has been restoring commercial and residential properties since 1991. We have seen numerous types of floors that have been heavily damaged by dampness and moisture, and we have restored them back to mint condition with ease. We know not all floors react to water damage the same way, so we'll use the appropriate cleaning method to prevent the damage from spreading and getting worse. Our fully licensed and certified technicians also work fast so you can enjoy your newly cleaned floor sooner.

If you're interested in having your water damaged floors professionally cleaned by us, give Buffalo Restoration a call at 406-224-9080 for a free estimate. Our water damage restoration and other specialty cleaning services are made available to properties in Bozeman, Montana areaContact us today!