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Water Disaster Insurance Claims Assistance

When a water disaster takes place in your property, sometimes the price of repairs and restoration can be expensive. However, if you have a reliable insurance company backing you up, paying for the damage won't be so painful. In spite of this, you'll never receive the right amount of aid if you fill out and submit your insurance claim incorrectly. To ensure your claim is properly filed, contact Buffalo Restoration so we can assist you with the process.

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Water Damage Restoration Services

Filing an insurance claim isn't easy, especially when the disaster you experienced is severe. In times of crisis, you'd probably rather make sure your family is safe instead of making an inventory of the things you've lost. With our help, you can focus on the more important stuff while we handle the filing and submitting your claim.

When you ask for our assistance, we'll send our restoration specialist to inspect your situation. Our specialist will perform the following to ensure your claim is properly filed:

  • Assess the severity of the damage and find out what caused the water disaster
  • Do a full documentation and inventory of damaged goods by taking photographs, videos, etc.
  • Review your current insurance plan with you to determine the proper coverage
  • Work directly with your insurance adjuster to negotiate an estimate of the price of the repairs and restorations

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Buffalo Restoration can work directly with most insurance companies to make the process easier and faster.

Buffalo Restoration Water Damage Restoration Service

Once your claim is submitted and approved, our company can perform the appropriate water damage restoration service on your property. Our services include the following:

You can trust Buffalo Restoration to take care of your water damaged property, as we are a full-service, fully licensed restoration, and general contractor company. We also send our best restoration technicians to your location, ensuring the procedures are done correctly. With our help, not only is your insurance claim submitted properly, but your property's condition will return to normal fast.

Feel free to give us a call at 406-224-9080 any time because our emergency service team is on-call 24/7. All of Buffalo Restoration's services are available to properties in Southwest Montana.

Water Damage Restoration Services in Bozeman, MT